reserve Ogilvy

A Unique Residential Development

Located within 45 minutes from Montreal and ten minutes from St. Jerome, La Reserve Ogilvy is one of the most distinctive developments that St.Hippolyte has to offer in the Laurentian area.

La Reserve Ogilvy developed a concept of "Living in the Forest". The opportunity for the future residents to be part of a natural environment and natural heritage with a minimum lot of 50,000 square feet!

Your PolygHome will be in the center of the forest and will allow you to live and benefit the wonders that Mother Nature has to offer!


The residential development that the Reserve Ogilvy offers is truly unique. This concept was inspired by the following principles:

• Creating and protecting a natural territory of which more than half the site includes the mountains and forests, water , lakes and wetlands

• Conservation, recreation and interpretation. To ensure and enable everyone to benefit from the protected natural sites; a network of hiking trails, climbing, cycling, bird watching, skiing and racquet sports are available. (motorized equipment are strictly prohibited from the parks and lakes of the Reserve Ogilvy)

• A network of trails that will be directly linked with the regional paths


Come and visit us !

Pictures of La Reserve Ogilvy

Click here to see a Polyghome house built on the Reserve Ogilvy